RJFit Athletes

Athlete Bio: Nathan Whitlatch

  • Mens Physique Competitor & Fitness Model
  • Age: 26
  • Weight: 200lbs Currently (Offseason 225-230lbs)
  • Favorite Exercise: Lateral Raises Or Rows (For Back)
  • Favorite Food: Pizza & Donuts (Chicken On Prep)
  • Favorite Hobby (Besides Fitness): Being A Father
Nathan can usually be found either at Jackd Fitness in Lancaster, OH or hanging out at his local area Supzilla.  Nate's been into fitness for a very long time but just discovered his passion to compete in the past year.  He's currently in prep for his second show which is taking place on September 24th.  He's pursuing a full time career as a Fitness Model & Sponsored Athlete.  This guy is one of the hardest working most genetically blessed individuals I've ever met.  His determination & grit make him a perfect fit in the RJFit Apparel family.